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1. All articles must be in excellent condition and ready for resale. Clothing must be cleaned, pressed and on hangers. Clothing must be considered in style, and usually no more than three years old. Appointments are not necessary.

2. Prices will be determined by Sassy Fox.

3. The consignor will receive 40% of the sale price (50% if item is priced over $100) after the article is sold. Consignor may collect for the articles sold by coming to Sassy Fox during store hours.

4. Articles accepted for resale will be placed on sale for ten weeks. The schedule of price reduction is as follows:

  • A. The initial price will be held for four weeks. Special 10% sale promotions may affect initial price.

  • After four weeks an article may be reduced by 25% of initial price

  • After six weeks, the article may be reduced by 50% of initial price.

  • If after eight weeks an article has not been sold, Sassy Fox may sell the article at whatever price necessary for final clearance.

  • After ten weeks, all articles will be donated to charity. NO PICK UPS.

5. Any item found to have stains or any other damages, not found previously will be donated.

6. Although good care will be taken of articles brought to Sassy Fox, everything is left at owner’s risk. Sassy Fox is not responsible for loss from fire, theft, or damages.

Spring & Summer / February Thru Mid May

Fall & Winter / August Thru Mid November


Man-O-War Place

3101 Richmond Rd.

SuiTE #312

Lexington, KY 40509


 Monday - Saturday 10-6

Thursday 10-8